Whynter CDW6831WES Countertop Dishwasher | Reviews & Guide

If you are searching for a portable and light weight dishwasher which provides very easy adjustment then have a look at whynter CDW6831WES. It provides uncomplicated adjustments and very easy and understandable controls. The touch screen of this appliance make it very easy for user to control the operations.

The attractive, sleek design of the product beautifies the look of the kitchen. It is made up of stainless steel material which is durable and strong. It comes with six different unique wash cycles called as normal, baby care, eco, glass, speed, and heavy. You can rinse almost every necessary utensils in this dishwasher including the baby items.

Whynter CDW-6831WES

The water and energy consumption by this dishwasher is comparatively low. If you are using the normal wash it will consume 2.8 gallons of water. On the other hand, it is energy star certified which shows that it will take less energy and reduces the electricity bills. Isn’t it just perfect?

Key Specifications

If you are hunting for a good dishwasher then you must consider the amazing CDW-6831WES product by Whynter. Let’s have a look at its features.

Whynter CDW6831WES

Countertop Adjustments

One amazing thing about this appliance is its easy adjustment. You can easily place it anywhere in your kitchen. Moreover, it is easy to move it from one place to another. It consists of quick connect adapter which almost suits every kitchen. The sleek, attractive design and small frame makes your kitchen/countertop look stylish. It contains hard steel inside which maintains the warm at the inner side.

With this dishwasher you are going to have maximum warmth and sanitization. The stainless steel material makes the product very long-lasting. So, you just need to bring this dishwasher to your kitchen and keep it wherever you think it suits the best.

6 Wash Cycles

The outstanding CDW-6831WES dishwasher contains six distinct wash cycles. These wash alternatives are named as normal, baby care, eco, glass, speed, and heavy. All of these wash options provides different advantages and performs various operations. Like by using baby care option you can gently clean the baby bottles and other such things. In simple words, the dishwasher provides various wash options that rinse utensils properly.

Controller Console

The CDW-6831WES dishwasher provides very user friendly and self-explanatory controls. These controls are present at the top front side of the dishwasher. The control board help in choosing the cycle and control lock. It requires no prior knowledge or information to operate. With this dishwasher you will get the silver basket, dish rack, drain hose, and an automatic rinse aid dispenser. It provides six place settings.

Energy Star Certified

Another great feature of this machine is energy star certification. Most of people really admire this thing and it works really well. This dishwasher will make you fall in love with it with its appealing and attractive features. You will get to know more about it when you start using it.

1-24 Hours Delay

The water consumption by normal wash of CDW-6831WES dishwasher is almost 2.8 gallons which comparatively very low. In other words, it make use of very less water as compare to some other similar items. Moreover, the 1-24 hour delay function helps in saving water and time. You can manage and set your schedule when you want to clean your utensils using dishwasher. This model is not just attractive but also strong and sturdy which helps it in gaining attention of customers.


  • The great and most highlighting thing about CDW6831WES is its easy mobility. You can easily set it on countertop.
  • You will find a dish rack and also a silver basket present in it. In other words, enough space is available to adjust the utensils inside the dishwasher.
  • It comes with six different wash cycles including baby care. The baby care let you wash the sensitive products of the babies like bottles and other stuff.
  • It provides very easy and user friendly controls. You can control the wash cycles, start, stop and lock by using the buttons available.
  • It provides maximum cleaning and sanitisation by maintaining the warmth inside the dishwasher.
  • Contains quick connect adapter which is suitable with most of the kitchen faucets and provides easy connections.
Whynter rack


The price range of Whynter CDW6831WES is $599. Check the deal to get the best price and discounts.

More Buying Options

It contains dish rack and the silver basket which helps in adjusting the utensils and getting the perfect wash. The product contains 1 to 24 hours delay timer through which you can set the dishwashing process time according to your schedule. It consists of 3 stage channel equipped having 3 phase filtration process for efficient and simple cleaning. The dishwasher is going to provide you a perfect wash. Based upon the overall performance score and reviews, below are the top-rated other buying options available here:

This dishwasher is ideal when the space is minimum. It saves time, energy and water. It is strong and very eye-catching. The design of the dishwasher makes it a good addition to the kitchen appliances. If you think it suits your requirement then go for it.