Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 Dishwasher Review

The compact body dishwasher is loaded with all the must have features. It comes with six place setting having cup rack and the cutlery basket. The five distinct wash option let the user wash almost every type of utensils in the dishwasher. Like you can choose the heavy wash if the utensils are very dirty and you need deep rinsing.

On the other hand, if you need to wash glass utensils you can go for the glass wash cycle. After every wash cycle, the machine perform the drying procedure by using the hygienic residual drying. This system do not make use of the unhygienic air from the environment instead use the air created after the wash cycle to dry the dishes.

It means the dishwasher not only washout the dishes properly but also dry them and they are ready to use. If you want to go somewhere and the dishwasher is not completely fill yet. You can set its timings up to 24 hour delay.

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Key Specifications

Let’s explore some amazing features of MCSCD6W3 dishwasher by Magic Chef.

User Friendly Controls

Magic chef brand has always provided best products like stoves, and ovens. One of the leading and finest appliance by this company is MCSCD6W3 dishwasher. It consists of spectacular attributes and handy knob through which you can easily prefer the electronic controls and settings to initiate the process.

Although the price of the dishwasher is low that doesn’t mean it contains less features. It is made up of high quality plastic material and rinse dishes thoroughly.

Countertop Placement

Another fascinating thing about MCSCD6W3 dishwasher is its effortless installation. It is going to stay at the top of your kitchen countertop without any concern. It means you will not have to bend to load or unload dishes in it.

Just keep it near your kitchen sink and manage the utensils properly. Moreover, this appliance is portable, you can attach it with kitchen faucet when you need to fill the water.

Hygienic Residual Drying System

This low-cost product by Magic chef contains Hygienic residual drying. Although it does not contains the direct dehydrated system however the residual heat helps in drying the dishes after every wash cycle.

It dry dishes without taking unhealthy air from the surroundings. This thing ultimately saves your time as well as rinse and dry the dishes.

5 Powerful Wash Cycles

MCSCD6W3 dishwasher by Magic chef contains five unique wash cycles. These wash options are soak, heavy, glass, normal, and light. You can select any wash cycles using the knob available at the top front side.

Select one wash alternative according to your requirements or the thing you are going to wash in the dishwasher. The inner side of the dishwasher contains cutlery basket and the cup rack. It provides 6-place settings.

Water & Energy Saver

This standalone appliance needs 200 kilowatt hours per year which is relatively very less. This energy consumption is almost 62% less than other related items. Moreover, it makes efficient use of the water by not wasting it.

This device automatically detects if the water level is too high which helps in preventing any leakage from the dishwasher. In simple words, the dishwasher is going to save your money by reducing the amount of required energy and water.

24 Hours Delay System

With this amazing product you are going to have another facility which is 24 hours delay. By using this characteristic you can select the convenient time within 24 hours to wash the dishes. It means now you can select the time to rinse dishes which suits you best or when the dishwasher becomes full.


Are you searching for an affordable, user-friendly, and efficient dishwasher then you must consider using MCSCD6W3 dishwasher by Magic chef. The most appealing thing about the dishwasher is its affordable price. If you contrast the price of this item with other similar product, you will find it low.

However, the price of the appliance do not affect and compromise on qualities. It will amaze you with its wonderful facilities. In simple words, it will automatically start the rinsing activity according to the timings. Furthermore, if we talk about the energy and water consumption then it make use of less resources as compare to other products.

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It consumes almost 200 kilowatt hour per year. This dishwasher automatically detects if the water is more than the available limit and prevents the leakage. It provides uncomplicated installments. You can just put it anywhere, where you think it will work perfectly and attach the kitchen faucet with it. The weight of the product is 49.5 pounds.

It provides electronic controls and digital display. You can make use of the knob to select the wash option. If you think it satisfy then go ahead and specify this dishwasher for your kitchen.

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