EdgeStar DWP62BL Portable Dishwasher: Review and Guide

Isn’t it what you are looking for? The best thing is you are getting this all from a stylish, modern dishwasher which contains eye-catching black finish and enhances the look of your kitchen. The built-in clean agent present in the dishwasher makes sure to remove the water spots on the dishes.

If you think about the performance of the EdgeStar DWP62BL dishwasher then you are going to make it within few minutes. We are saying this because it contains quick connect adapter and the five foot hose which serves you when you are configuring this device. The adapter is suitable with almost every type of the faucet in the kitchen etc. Also see the important appliances for kitchen that you must have.

Key Specifications

Edgestar DWP62BL is loaded with amazing features. Checkout the top rated specs below:

Stainless Steel Body

This exciting dishwasher by EdgeStar consists of elegant and modern design. The stylish look and the attractive black finish of the dishwasher make it suitable for variety of kitchens. It contains low profile design which means you can keep it wherever you want without requiring permanent installation.


The 44 pounds weight of product is low as compare to other similar models. The interior side of the dishwasher contains stainless steel. The dish rack available at the inner side is suitable for the plates having size up to 10.5 inches. Along with the dish rack, cutlery and cup shelf is present which helps in better management of the appliances you desired to wash.

Simple Controls & Safety

This exceptional machine is user-friendly and very easy to use. It consists of digital display and electronic controls. At the front side of the dishwasher five control buttons are present. By using the power button we can try on the appliance.

Along with this button, two buttons help in delaying the wash process, one button to select the wash cycle and last button to pause/resume the wash cycle. Another great thing about the dishwasher is its child lock which you can activate by pressing and holding the delay and pause button concurrently.

Countertop Design

The EdgeStar DWP62BL provides uncomplicated installation. You can adjust it at the top of your countertop within few minutes. It consists of a quick-connect adapter which connects to variety of the faucets directly. Furthermore, a 5-inches hose is available for your ease. In simple words, you can configure this machine without any problem and rinse the dirty dishes in moments.

Energy Saver

It consumes 200 Kilo watt hours per year which means it uses 61 % less energy as compare to some other dishwashers. Moreover, it takes almost 2.85 gallons of water in every wash. It means the dishwasher is going to save your time, effort, water and electricity.

7 Wash Cycles

With this first-class dishwasher you are going to have an option to choose from seven distinct wash cycles. These cycles are named as light, glass, heavy, normal, speed, rinse and baby care. These wash cycles provides opportunity to wash almost everything in this lightweight dishwasher. It consists of powerful spray arm which make sure to provide the deep cleaning and detailed cleaning in every wash cycle.

Internal Heater and Detergents

In EdgeStar DWP62BL you will find an internal heater which is going to eliminate almost every germ or bacteria present on the utensils you are cleaning in the dishwasher. The water heater present at the inner side along with the wash cycles provides appropriate rinsing of the dishes.

You can boost the water temperature inside the machine up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It means the dishwashing is going to make your life easy and at the same time you will not have to worry about the acceptable wash results. If we talk about detergents then it is recommended not to use hand dish detergent, detergent pods and tabs.


EdgeStar DWP62BL dishwasher is going to provide you all which you expect from a best dishwasher.

  • The dishwasher contains six standard place settings countertop along with the seven different wash cycles.
  • If you don’t like to wash dishes by standing in front of the sink then have a look at the astonishing features of this dishwasher.
  • It is very easy to operate and rinse the dirty dishes within minutes.
  • The dishwasher creates only 52.3 dB of noise which means it is not going to disturb you while doing other activities.
  • It takes 2.85 gallons of water in every single wash and 200 kilowatt hours per year.
  • With this dishwasher you are not only going to save your time but also electricity and water.


On the other hand, the wash cycles and the water heater eliminate the germs. It means your dishes will get washed perfectly and also be free from any kind of bacteria and germs. This dishwasher is going to make your life in the kitchen easy.

The machine is highly user friendly as it comes with digital display and easy controls. You can easily manage the functions of the dishwasher by using the five buttons present at the front. Moreover, it provides the facility of the child lock. This machine is best for you if you want to appropriately purify your dishes.

With a good features sheet, EdgeStar is a must pick dishwasher for every kitchen. View the Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Review to check the rival and price details.