EdgeStar BIDW1802SS Dishwasher

With this dishwasher you are going to have enough room available to keep utensils. It consist of two racks one is present at the top and second is present at the bottom side. These racks are strong enough that you can place heavy utensils without worrying about the breakage. It provides eight place settings. Moreover, it consists of six different wash runs which help in washing the dishes in right manner. For example, by using the rinse setting you can easily clean the dirty dishes.

At the top of the machine, controls are present through which you can select the wash patterns with which you want to proceed. Just turn the knob and select the appropriate possibility. Have a look at the amazing BIDW1802SS dishwasher by Edgestar.

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Full Specifications

Splendid Interior and Exterior

This built-in dishwasher is highly suitable for the smaller spaces. The dimensions of the product are 22.44 x 17.63 x 32.5 inches and weight is 52.9 pounds. It isn’t heavy and you can easily adapt in small area. The inner side of the dishwasher contains 2 pull out dish stands where you can manage bowls, plates, and trays. Along with these holders a cup tray and silver basket is also available. It consists of eight place settings. It is made up of stainless steel material which makes it highly durable.

Wash Cycles With Digital Controller

At the front side of the dishwasher you will find simple controls. It consists of six different wash cycles which you can select by using the knob. A light indicator is present to show which wash alternative is currently running. At the end of the cycle the dishwasher will notify by making a beep sound. Another great thing is that if you forget to put some dishes in the machine, you can simply choose the pause button to stop the dishwasher and then restart the cycle again. The spray arms at hand provides thorough cleaning.

Leakage Sensor

Another notable characteristic of BIDW1802SS dishwasher is leakage sensor. This sensor automatically detects if a water leakage is here in the dishwasher and shuts off the water flow. It prevents the wastage of water and causes no water damage.

Quiet Dishwashing Operation

Most of people prefer this appliance because of its quiet nature. It runs only at 52 decibels which is very low. In other words, you will even not feel that it is proceeding. You can easily wash your dishes even at night without any disturbance. Isn’t just awesome that dishwasher is rinsing your dishes properly and at the same not making any irritating noise.

Hassle Free Installation

The BIDW1802SS dishwasher provides super effortless setup. The entire installment process is very easy because of its design. All components of machines are very straightforward to use and trouble free to operate. The width of the dishwasher is just 17.75 inches. You just need to keep the dishwasher at the appropriate place and then setup the piping for the flow of water in and out. Just put all utensils in the dishwasher and start the washout process.

6 Mode Rotation

If you want a dishwasher which consists of variety of wash alternatives then BIDW1802SS dishwasher by Edgestar is highly suitable for you. Most of the dishwasher provides only basic wash options however, with this appliance you will get six unique wash rotations that are named as heavy, ECO, rinse, glass, normal, and rapid.

All in 1 Dishwashing

You can wash multiple of dishes including glass and heavy dirty dishes in this single machine. The machine provides easy and effective dishwashing process. Along with these wash options it also facilitates by providing hi-temp, sanitize and heated dry option.

Primary Reasons To Buy

  • This built-in dishwasher consists of very compact design.
  • It is less wide and covers very less place in the kitchen. It almost makes invisible appearance.
  • If you live in a small house and also don’t like to wash dishes by standing in front of the sink then go ahead for this dishwasher.
  • The easy installment of this machine makes it preferable. You will find the setup procedure of this dishwasher uncomplicated.
  • All you need is to set the dishwasher and start the rinsing process.

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Are you searching for a dishwasher which you can adjust at the small place in your kitchen. If yes, then have a look at the wonderful 18 inches BIDW1802SS dishwasher by Edgestar. It provides some unique and novel features that are not available in the previous dishwasher by the Edge star.

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Furthermore, the quiet nature of the dishwasher makes it stand at the top of the list. It creates 52 dB of noise. If you don’t like dishwashers which do not creates any irritating noise then this is appropriate for you. EdgeStar BIDW1802SS is fantastic dishwasher for your kitchen to fulfill the dishwashing needs. If you think it suits all of your requirements then go ahead and bring it to your kitchen.

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