Bosch SPX68U55UC 800 Series Dishwasher

Nowadays, different dishwashers are available. However, the Bosch SPX68U55UC 800 Series is going to serve you best with its smart features, and modern look. With Bosch SPX68U55UC you are not going to take the dishwashing as a burden. The dishwasher consists of eye-catching stainless-steel finish. Check full review and additional details here.

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Key Specifications

Bosch SPX68U55UC 800 Series has everything to serve the kitchen needs. Let’s walk-through the primary specs:

Spectacular Stainless Steel Body

The exterior side of this amazing Bosch dishwasher contains stainless steel which is highly durable. You will find silver coloured Fascia present in stainless steel. It consists of AquaStop and Euro Tub protection. The exterior side of the product gives it modern appearance. It is going to enhance the look of your kitchen.

10 Place Setting

If we talk about the interior design, then it can hold almost 10 place settings. A RackMatic rack is available in the dishwasher through which we can easily manage the height of the upper rack. Moreover, a third rack cutlery tray free some space for you at the bottom rack and also increase the cleaning capacity of the silverware. The dishwasher contains red remaining time display.

Leakage Protection

The AquaStop plus protection avoids leaks in the dishwasher. There are more chances of the leakage when you use it on daily basis. During this situation AquaStop plus is here to help you. This amazing feature of the Bosch dishwasher contains sensors which automatically shut the water inlet and starts the drain pump if any leak is noticed even if you are not using the machine. Additionally, if any leak is present in the solid molded base, the dishwasher stops the process and pumps the water out to avoid any contact with the floor. It means you will not have to worry about the leaks anymore.

RackMatic Adjustable Upper Rack

You are going to love the amazing middle rack of the Bosch dishwasher. You can easily adjust it to three distinct heights and to 9 different rack positions which provides loading flexibility. Isn’t it amazing?? You can easily lower or raise it in just one step even if it is fully loaded. You can easily put the tall items in the middle rack. In this way, there will be some space available for the pans and pots at the below section. It means you are going to have additional space for your utensils.

Additional Space For Large Utensils

Are you looking for a way through which you can get some extra space for your large size utensils, silverware, cups and flatware? If yes, then the third rack is going to fulfil this requirement. This best product by the Bosch you will get 30% more loading area where you can keep your utensils. The V-shape of the bosch SPX68U55UC dishwasher makes extra space for the large item at the lower side. The dishwasher helps you by adjusting almost every utensil which is otherwise difficult to keep in the standard dishwashers.


The wonderful appliance by Bosch provides six wash cycles named as Auto, Eco, Normal, express, rinse and heavy. The infolight feature present in the product expends a red light on the floor when the wash cycle is in the process. This light gives the idea that dishwasher is working and automatically shuts when it is done.

Precision Wash

The PrecisionWash checks the dishes throughout the cycle by using the intelligent sensors. It targets every item loaded into the dishwasher. You will get high quality from the dishwasher. This is because every dishwasher by Bosch undergoes through the 485 checks.

ActiveTab Tray

The ActiveTab tray is perfectly and uniquely designed. It is placed and attached at the middle of the dishwasher. The ActiveTab tray serves best for the purpose of dissolving detergents tables easily, effectively and efficiently.

Water Softner

Water softner present in the dishwasher removes the hard water spots present on it. These hard spots may be caused by lime deposits. The water softner provides more enhanced results by the dishwasher.

Reasons To Buy Bosch

Below are the pros that make Bosch SPX68U55UC a perfect dshwashing solution to buy:

  • It provides enough space for almost every type of utensils.
  • You will find flexible Silverware basket which can easily be divided into two halves if required.
  • Along with this basket, RackMatic, and third rack versatility is also available in the dishwasher for the easy adjustments of the utensils.
  • Bosch SPX68U55UC is so quiet, it only causes 44 dBA noise. You will get to know that dishwasher is running by its Infolight which shines on the floor.
  • The total capacity is 1 Cubic feet.

Other Buying Options

Apart from its own attractive look it will also make your kitchen look fashionable. It belongs to the latest dishwasher series by the Bosch which means you are going to have all necessary features that everyone looks for in a modern dishwasher.

Keep this product by Bosch in your mind when you are looking for a best dishwasher which not only ease your life by rinsing the dishes but also enhances the beauty of your kitchen. We think this dishwasher is going to provide you all which you need and expect from a great dishwasher. Satisfied with the features of Bosch or not? If not yet then checkout the below top selling list based upon buyers interest.

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