Black Decker BCD6W Dishwasher: Review & Specs

Are you hunting for a dishwasher which can saves your time, energy, effort and at the same time saves your child against any harm? If yes, then have a look at the BCD6W dishwasher by black decker. This dishwasher consists of amazing and exciting features which user expect from a perfect dishwasher.

The black decker is energy star certified so it consumes less electricity as compare to other similar dishwashers. This appliance will wash dishes effectively, quickly and properly. By making use of the six place settings you can easily keep the plates which are up to 10 inches diameter. Also, there is room available to keep other essential utensils.

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Technical Specifications

Let’s highlight significant features of Black decker BCD6W dishwasher.

6 Place Settings

The outstanding BCD6W dishwasher consists of 6 place settings. This capacity of the machine can effortlessly adjust the plates which contains diameter up to 10 inches. Along with the plates, enough space is available for cups, glass and all other kitchen utensils.

It provides very easy loading and unloading of the utensils because of its cool slide dish rack. The dimensions of the product are 21.7 x 21.5 x 17.2 inches.

7 Cycles Wash Mode

With this exceptional dishwasher you can choose from seven different wash cycles. These cycles are named as speed, glass, eco, baby care, heavy, normal, and rinse. These wash options are available at the front side of the dishwasher. As different wash choices are available the dishwashing process is going to be done efficiently and quickly.

Built-in Child Lock

Child lock feature is beneficial for you if your child has the habit of interacting with the digital appliance present in the home. We all know that it becomes difficult to stop children from checking digital devices. However, by using the child lock feature of the BCD6W dishwasher you can prevent your child from getting any harm as it will lock the dishwasher entirely.

LED Touch Controllers

You can manage this dishwasher without any issue because of its electronic touch controls along with the LED display. We must say that the dishwasher is user-friendly. You will find power, lock, wash cycles, delayed (up to 24 hours) buttons on this touch panel.

This panel also display how much time is left for the wash rotation which is currently running.

Low Energy Consumption

Another attractive thing about BCD6W dishwasher is its low energy consumption. It is energy star certified which means it save a lot of electricity that ultimately reduces electricity bill. It is considered as the best portable dishwasher as it provides high efficiency. In simple word, the dishwasher is going to rinse your dishes completely.

Delay Start Timer

For the ease and convenience of the user the black decker has added delay start of 24 hours in BCD6W dishwasher. This quality is appreciated by many users. It is especially advantageous if you are a busy person.

You can easily pause the wash cycle in between and resume it later on within 24 hours to complete the washing process. The dishwasher is going to make your life super easy.

Faucet Attachment

If we consider the tap attachment then this dishwasher consists of a connection through which you can easily take clean water in and waste water out. The noise caused by the appliance is only 60dB. It is not going to disturb you while running. Do all of your activities without any disturbance.

Portable Countertop Design

This machine by black decker is a countertop dishwasher. It is going to provide you plenty of space and features. The good thing it is not going to cover extra space in your kitchen. You can put it at your kitchen cabinet. It is a good addition to the kitchen devices.

The BCD6W dishwasher is transportable you can easily make it move and attach to any kitchen faucet. If you have small household then a portable dishwasher is going to give more effective results as compare to built-in dishwashers.

Reasons To Buy Black+Decker

If you are an occupied person then make use of the awesome delay feature of this dishwasher.

  • Suppose the dishwashing process is proceeding and you need to go out. In these circumstances, all you have to do is hold back the device using the button available at the front side and then restart it when you get free within 24 hours.
  • Isn’t it just great? Of course, it is. In black decker BCD6W dishwasher you will have seven unique wash cycles and six place settings.
  • Enough space is available in the dishwasher for plates, cups and other utensils. It consists of child lock feature which is very helpful if your kids have the habit to interact with the digital appliance.
  • Lock the device and make sure that your children will not get hurt.


The wonderful dishwasher provides easy controls. If we consider its material then it is highly durable and going to stay with you for a longer time. It consists of stainless steel material which makes it beautiful and strong. You can easily adjust the dishwasher over your kitchen cabinet because of its compact design.

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The sound created by this machine is only 60 dB which is quite low. In short, the black decker BCD6W provides more wash modes, efficient cleaning, easy loading and unloading, appealing design, sufficient washing capacity and what not. If you think the dishwasher satisfy your needs then go for it without wasting your time any further. The Furrion FDW18SAS is a good alternate to buy too.