How To Use a Dishwasher To Clean Utensils

Learning how to use the dishwasher is essential for every kitchen, be it in the home or the office. Here is a simple process to follow for learning how to use the dishwasher in the right way. A dishwasher is basically a device for washing utensils and dishes automatically. Dishwashers may come equipped with a drying rack for fast and easy cleaning of the dishes that have not been used in the specified time.

Some of the newer dishwashers come with an automatic dryer. This feature helps you to do away with the accumulated grime and dust. This would not have been possible if you have not added a dryer to your dishwashers. Unlike manual dishwashers, which usually relies primarily on mechanical scrubbing to get rid of food-soiling stains, the automatic dishwasher cleans by spraying warm water, usually up to 75 degrees, over the dishes. This process is called spray-washing.

Step By Step Dishwashing Guide

There are many different types of dishwashers. They are categorized into two groups according to their function. The primary group consists of automatic washers that clean the food. These are the dishwashers used by households and restaurants.

  • Identify the main features of the dishwasher. The main features of the dishwasher include the top loading or the low pressure washer and the mixer. The top loading washer can be either top loading or semi-automatic. The mixer can be either a built in mixer, which allows the operator to mix the wash water manually, or a pressure washer that has a separate motor. The mixer is usually equipped with an internal motor. A pressure washer is equipped with a hose and a motor.
  • Choose the washing load. To choose the load, consider the number of clothes that need to be washed. For instance, you can use the full load, which can wash the whole clothes in one cycle or use half of the load to wash only the tops. For this, you can choose a higher number of cycles.
  • Choose the washing clothes. If the dishwasher is equipped with a built in mixer, you can choose to wash both tops and bottoms. If the mixer is not present, choose the type of clothes that you would like to wash. For example, if you prefer to wash denim, you can use a denim washer and a cotton washer.
  • Choose the wash cycle. You should select the wash cycle according to the type of clothes you want to wash. There are several types of wash cycle like dry, hot, cold, and spin dry, but you should select the type according to the type of fabric that you are washing.
  • Select the washing time. The time should be appropriate for your type of clothes.
  • Choose the temperature. The temperature should be selected in a way so that the fabric can be evenly heated.
  • Choose the cleaning cycle. The cleaning cycle should be selected according to the type of fabric you are washing.
  • Choose different types of washing machines according to your needs. Before you decide on the type of machine, choose which type of machine suits your needs.
  • Check the water level in the machine. Check the water level for leaks. If there are leaks, make sure to fix it before the next washing. To reduce the leak, you should place a water-resistant towel around the machine.
  • Choose the type of dryer. A dryer that is used to dry the clothes needs to be checked and maintained. It is important to check the dryer’s safety and proper functioning.

Dishwashers nowadays are made with different features. Some of the most common ones include: they may be equipped with a thermostat, a built-in dryer, auto shut-off feature and a self-cleaning feature. Some of these additional features will add convenience to your life. Most of them come with a timer. A good dishwasher should also be able to wash your utensils perfectly without leaving any streaks.


If you want to clean your important kitchen appliances, you can use dishwashing detergent. which has a low concentration of lye. If the above mentioned tips are followed, you will be able to choose the right washing machine. that can serve you for many years. There is no need for you to worry about your stainless steel plates and pans getting tarnished when you choose a dishwasher with a stainless steel plate. It is possible to purchase detergents that do not contain any lye in them.

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